Friday, January 17, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mom

Before giving birth to my sweet little Cupcake, I earnestly declared I would never, EVER be happy as a stay at home mom.  My education and career were my number one priority at that point in my life, and I firmly believed that life as a SAHM would be boring….

3:30 am:  I am jolted from a deep sleep by the ever so familiar “clank” of Cupcake’s pacifier falling (or more likely, being thrown) out of the crib onto the hardwood flood.  I hold my breath waiting for the screak that ultimately follows five seconds later when she realizes that she can’t get it back.  I drag myself out of bed, down the hall to her room, and place it in her outstretch hand.  I solemnly promise myself that we will begin weaning her from the pacifier so we can avoid this routine… soon. 

5:45 am:  I hear a little whimper that I instantly know means that Cupcake is thirsty.  I take her a sippy cup of milk, sneak back into my room, and pray she falls back to sleep. 

7:00 am:  Wake up and realize that Cupcake is quietly chattering but seems content.  Sneak out of bed, trying desperately not to let her hear me.  Nevertheless, she hears me and wants up… NOW!  She has thrown her blanket, pillow, pacifiers (yes, she sleeps with multiple pacifiers), and toys (meant to entertain her until I am ready to come get her) out onto the floor.  Her eyes are bright with excitement to begin a new day, and she hits the ground running.

7:45 am: I attempt to feed Cupcake breakfast while she snatches at the spoon.  My frustration quickly turns to pride as I watch the satisfaction on her little face as she successfully navigates a spoonful of oatmeal into her mouth.  The messy floor is a small price to pay for such a victory.

10:00 am:  Time for a magnificent thing called library story time!  This is a great opportunity for Cupcake to burn her overabundance of energy, but instead she clings to me.  She finally musters up enough courage to venture out among the other children when an ornery little boy comes over to kick her in the shins.  She deems the situation unsafe and runs back to my lap. 

12:00-2:00 pm:  Naptime!  Two glorious hours (if I am lucky) in which I bolt around the house cleaning and attempting to complete a weeks worth of reading and assignment for my classes.  The house seems TOO QUIET, and I miss her little chatter.

2:00 pm:  Cupcake wakes up and undoes the cleaning within 15 minutes.

5:00 pm:  I start dinner while Cupcake anxiously stands at the door awaking the arrival of Daddy.  When he enters the door, he swoops her up, and they embrace.  I smile as I watch the two loves of my life share a tender moment.

7:00 pm: BEDTIME!  After getting her into pajamas, brushing her teeth, and giving her multiple goodnight kisses, Miss Cupcake is whisked off to bed. As I place Cupcake in her crib she wraps her pudgy little arms around my neck and gives me a big, wet kiss.  My heart melts, and I know that while it can’t last forever there is nothing more rewarding than being a SAHM. 

11:00 pm: Before heading to bed myself, I peek in on my little love.  She is sleeping soundly with her cute little bum sticking up into the air.  At that moment, I fight back tears because I know how truly blessed I am.

Note:  Times not indicated are filled with rescuing Cupcake from the top of tables/out from between shelves, changing diapers, trying to make enticing yet healthy lunch/snacks, and rushing to the front door to let her look out every time she hears a “choo choo” passing.  These are the moments I will remember all my life.

While I am actively pursuing a higher education and a future career, I am more than content being Cupcake’s Mommy for the time being.  Everyday is a new adventure, and it is far from boring!

FYI: I posted this blog while sitting cross-legged on the bathroom floor supervising bath playtime.


  1. I absolutely love this! Perfect!''

  2. This is awesome=) You are right...being a SAHM is far from boring. One of the best jobs in the world. The other is a SAHD =)

  3. I am a SAHG. Stay at home grandma. I dread the day when they move out. And yes, there is no other occupation like it!

  4. It was so worth it for me to stay home with our son. Nothing is better than seeing things for yourself and not hearing from a sitter about the firsts, etc. Your "cupcake" is adorable!! :)


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