Friday, May 9, 2014

DIY: Boutique Tulle Puff Headband

Miss Cupcake adores all things girly.  We firmly believe that any day involving tutus and frill is destined to be fabulous!  It was recently requested that I post a tutorial on how to make these oversized tulle puff headbands that my love is often wearing in photos.  These whimsical headbands are a favorite around our house, and every single time Cupcakes wears one she gets oodles of compliments.  The following steps will show you how to create a princess-worthy headband for your little lady in 10-15 minutes!

You will need:
  • Glue gun
  • Tulle
  • Crochet headband
  • Scissors
  • Heavy duty thread (optional)
Let's get started. J

1. Decide which color(s) you would like to use for your tulle puff headband.  These can be done in all one color or several colors for even more fun!  Rolls of tulle and crochet headbands can generally be purchase at any craft store for less than five dollars, and there will be enough left over to make several more headbands!

2. Cut strips of tulle.  I typically do around 20 strips because I like the puff to be extra dramatic!  The fastest way to accomplish this is to wrap the tulle around a book and then cut both ends leaving you with the strips. (I am putting my $150+ textbook to good use!)
3. Tie the tulle strips together in the middle with heavy duty thread.  
Alternatively, one of the strips of tulle can be used instead of thread.
4. Trim the ends of the tulle to ensure that the strips are all the same length.  For an extra large puff, leave the strips 5-6 inches long.  You can trim the tulle a bit more later if the puff turns out to be bigger than you anticipated.
5. Hot glue the strips of tulle onto the headband.  It is best to apply the glue to the seam of the headband to avoid the glue seeping through the holes and causing the headband to adhere to itself.  Press the middle of the tulle strips (where they are tied together) to the glue.  Allow the glue to dry for several minutes before moving on to the next stop.
6. Fluff up the puff!  This is the fun part.  Gently begin separating the strips of tulle, and a gorgeous puff will form before your very eyes. J
"I believe in manicures. 
I believe in overdressing. 
I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. 
I believe in pink.
 I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.
 I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles."
-Audrey Hepburn


  1. This is adorable! I'm wishing my girls were younger again! They would have LOVED these!

  2. This is easy enough I can even do it! It will be awesome to have a matching tutu and a great way to use a loose piece or 2 that didn't get used:)

    1. I originally got this idea when I was trying to figure out what to do with my scraps from DIY tutus :)


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