Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Miami Fashion Week 2014

I was thrilled to attend the third night of the 16th annual Miami Fashion Week with one of my very dearest friends!  This was actually my first time visiting the City of the Sun, the most diverse, engaging and multicultural melting pot in the world.  The following schedule outlines the events that we attended on Saturday May 17th:

5:30-5:45 PM                         Eveningwear Showcase                  Fradila Kihel/Magnolia/Teresa Rosati/Olga Bolanos
6:45-7:15 PM                         Argentina Showcase                       Agostina Bianchi/Emprendedores de Muestra                                                                                                              Tierra/Cuarto Colorado/Mariana Castro
8:00-9:15 PM                         Italy Showcase                                Stella Jean/Maliparmi
9:30-10:00 OM                      Swimwear Showcase                       Sambarela/Indie Soul/Yamamay

The evening featured designers from Italy and Argentina which provided a glimpse of the diverse fashion from around the globe.  Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler graced the runway in a variety of evening gowns and beachwear.   A highlight of the evening included a new collection from Indie Soul which was unveiled for the first time at Miami Fashion Week.  Tim Gorgol, Indie Should lead designer stated, "We wanted to honor our hometown by unveiling the collection for the first time in Miami instead of in Paris.  Miami continues to grow as an epicenter of culture and fashion, and Indie Soul has been there every step of the way." 

The Argentina Showcase featured adorable matching raincoats and umbrellas which made rainy days seem positively fashionable! And of course, what would a fashion show be without a bit of weirdness?  This random flower dress featured in the Eveningwear Showcase raised a few eyebrows.  I suppose it is true that some things only work on the runway.

I particularly enjoyed the Haitian-inspired fashion featured in the Italy Showcase which included brightly colored scarves and hats.  This line was refreshing and unique in a way that stood out from the other collections. The fanale of the evening was a showcase that included upbeat swimwear, beach dresses, and sun hats by Yamamay, Indie Soul, and Sambarela.
Not to be a downer, but am I the only one who was slightly disturbed by the super-skinny models that were included in a few of the showcases?  While I understand that being thin is a huge part of the fashion industry, many of these gorgeous girls were obviously not at a heathy weight. Visible ribs were abundant.  It made me sad to see this has become the standard of beauty… I shall now get off my soapbox. J

My overall experience at Miami Fashion Week was quite pleasant, and I was truly inspired to update my wardrobe!  I took oodles of photos and had a difficult time deciding which ones to include.  I plan to return next year to attend a few of the classes as well as the fashion showcases.

"Fashions fade, style is eternal."
-Yves Saint Laurent

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  1. Nice post, loving the fashion! Stopped by from SITS ;-).

  2. I want a matching umbrella and raincoat! #sitsgirls


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