Friday, June 20, 2014

15 Minute DIY 4th of July Wreath

I opted to reuse a wreath that I already had. The berries were easy to pull off, and it was as good as new!  If you don't have an ugly wreath laying around your house like I always do, you can purchase a new one at any craft store.

I purchased rolls of red and blue burlap for $3.47 each and the wooden initial for $1.97 at Walmart. The natural burlap and twine were left over from a past project.

Next, I wrapped the red burlap around the wreath quite loosely leaving spaces.  After I was sure I had it positioned correctly, I secured it with hot glue.  I repeated the exact same process with the blue burlap in the spaces that I had previously left.

I positioned the "R" several times before I was happy with how it looked.  Eventually, I settled on placing it in the bottom left corner of the wreath.  I hot glued it onto the burlap. 

Once the glue dried, I was ready to make the bow/hanger for the top of the wreath.  This was easily created by taking a long piece of burlap.  I used approximately 4 feet, but it will vary depending on how large and full you want your bow to be. 

After deciding how long I wanted the tails of the bow to be, I made a loop pinching it together   I continued to make loops and add them between my two fingers.  I typical make around 4-5 loops before tying the loops together with a piece of twine where my fingers had been pinching it.

I tied the bow to the top of the wreath and used the excess twine to make a loop that would be used to hang the wreath.  All that was left to do was hang it on the front door and show Miss Cupcake (who had been snoozing away while I made this).  Happy crafting to you all! J


  1. Love that you reused an old wreath, always seeing those at thrift stores! Pinning!


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