Sunday, June 22, 2014

3 Organizational Tips That Saved My Closet

In the past, I have always attempted to organize my pants in one of two ways: fold them or hang the traditional way on pant hangers.  The problem that I had with stacking folded pants was that it was extremely difficult to locate a particular pair of pants. Ultimately, I always wanted the pair on the bottom.  By the time I obtained the pair I wanted, everything else looked a bit unruly.  The problem that I had with hanging pants the traditional way was that they were so long they covered my shoes (more about this later).  I was recently shopping in Plato's Closet when I noticed the unique way that their pants were hanging.  Every single pair of pants was neatly organized in a way that made them visible and easy to access.  Of course, I took a closer look and decided to try it at home.  The following three steps demonstrate this innovative way of hanging pants that greatly improved the appearance of my closet.
1. Lay pants out on a flat surface and hang diagonally.   
2. Fold the leg that is closest to the hanger and clap it.
3. Fold the other leg up to join the first leg.
Hang them in your closet and enjoy being able to find the pants you want within seconds!

Next is a relatively obvious organization tip, but it made such a difference in my closet that I had to share.  It involves one of my absolute favorite items in the entire world: shoes!  I picked up a bunch (I won't confess how many J) of these plastic shoe bins from the Dollar Store.  My closet immediately looked a million times more organized, and I loved that I could see my shoes through the clear plastic.  I stacked the bins on the floor of my closet and on the top shelf.  The only downside is that extremely high heels and boots obviously won't fit, but I simply line those up around and on top of the bins.  This is such a great way to keep your beloved shoes organized, visible, and dust free!  This is really a must-do for any shoe lover.  

Another great love of mine is handbags.  I used to keep them all stacked in an extra large container on the top of my closet.  This may work for those who do not change their bag often, but I am not one of those people.  I decided to pick up some clear plastic shower hooks from Walmart and use them to hang my handbags from the bottom of a shelf that I have in my closet.  I was quite pleased with the outcome and can now change handbags frequently without pulling out a stepladder or digging through a disorganized pile in the container.

I am constantly searching for new ways to keep my extremely small closet orderly and accessible.  These are three of my favorite methods, but I have many more that I will be sharing in the future!

May you all have tidy closets. J




  1. Wow, this is genius! Thanks for sharing. I have shared on my social media pages. Thanks for stoping by my Facebook page. Lots of love, lisa

  2. That is amazing! How did I never think to hang my pants?

  3. These are all great ideas! The pants idea is genius!!


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