Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mom: Toddler Version

Six months ago, I posted A Day In TheLife Of A Stay At Home Mom.  While this post accurately depicted life during that particular stage, I decided that it was time to create an updated toddler version.

6:45 am: I am awaken by Cupcake’s happy little chatter.  After glancing at the time, I roll back over hoping to sneak in a few more minutes of precious sleep before beginning the day. 

7:00 am: The happy chatter has turned to a desperate cry of “Mommy, Mommy!”  I drag myself out of bed and trudge down the hallway to Cupcake’s room.  She is standing in her crib eagerly awaiting my arrival.  As I open the door, a huge, toothy grin spreads across her face.  Those little arms fly up as she cries, “huggie!”  I swoop her up for a short lived embrace.  She immediately demands Cheerios.

7:15 am: I place her in her highchair and give her some dry Cheerios to munch on while I decide what we will have for breakfast.  She is not impressed and demands to have milk on her cereal “like Papa”.  I put a small bit of cereal and milk in a bowl and hand her a spoon.  She takes the tiniest bite before placing the spoon down dramatically and requesting oats instead.  I decide that sounds like a reasonable breakfast and make her some oatmeal.  However, that apparently does not hit the spot either because she presses her mouth tightly closed and refuses to even taste the oats.  She throws a spoonful of oats onto the clean kitchen floor (welcome terrible twos, we have been expecting you).

7:30 am:  I give up on the idea of breakfast for the moment.  We go to the living room, and I offer to read to her.  She seems to approve of this suggestion and runs off to her room to find a book.  She returns and we snuggle up together.  Two pages in she decides that she wants me to read a different book.  One page into the new book she decides she wants to watch her Alphabet Song DVD.  I tell her that we are not going to watch it right now.  Cupcake finds this news to be quite tragic and bursts into tears.  She falls onto the floor woefully.

8:00 am: We rush to the door to see a large truck outside.  Cupcake waves happily at the man collecting the recycling bins.

9:00 am: Cupcake wants a snack.  More precisely she demands “squares” (aka good ol’ crackers).  I give her a few in a small plastic Tupperware bowl.  Two minutes later she comes back with an empty bowl asking for more.  I am certain she could not have eaten them that quickly so I decided to investigate.  Sure enough, I find her cracker stash under the kitchen table.  She seems quite surprised when I inform her that she can not have more.

10:00 am: I find Cupcake dragging an enormous basket of shoes.  On a daily basis, she takes all the shoes off her shelf, brings them into the living room in a large basket (the purple basket used at her birthday luau), and sits admiring them.  She lines them up perfectly before deciding which pair she wants to try on.  This goes on for quite some time.

11:00 am: Naptime has arrived! I place her beloved elephant and a sippy cup in her crib and turn on her musical bear.  Now time lure her into bed.  I whisper, “Shhhhhhh… elephant is sleeping.  We have to be quite.”  She dramatically places her finger to her puckered lips and quietly whispers a string of unrecognizable words.  Together we tiptoe off to her room.

11:15 am:  I look around at the mess she has created and make a mental list of things I need to get accomplished while she is sleeping.  The moment I am ready to begin, I hear a desperate scream of “Potty!!!!!!!”  I take her to the bathroom and place her on the toilet.  She protest adamantly until I have taken all her clothes off… even her socks.  She also requests a book to read.  I bring her a book and tell her to call me when she is finished.  I stand right outside the bathroom and wait (if I stay she will immediately want up).  Five minutes later she announces that she is finished, and we celebrate her victory. I redress her and send her back to bed.

1:00 pm: Cupcake has awaken from her nap.  As she does daily, she requests macaroni and cheese for lunch.  She is thrilled when I agree but more than a bit impatient during the preparation time.

2:00 pm: Cupcake is feeling particularly inquisitive.  For the twentieth time, she points to a photo on the wall and asks, “What’s that?” I explain to her what it is and she appears convinced.  Five minutes later, she notices a new candle on the counter and the interrogation begins again.

5:00 pm: I begin preparing for dinner.  She notices me place a large pot on the stove and asks if she can see what is inside.  I lift her and show her.  She then asks if she can cook.  I give her a large plastic spatula and allow her to gently stir the pasta.  She beams with pride.

6:30 pm: After a bath, we curl up for our evening snuggle time.  We read several books, sing a few songs (her current favorite is one she has entitled “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Spider”), and say a prayer.  Teeth brushing happens with a bit of a struggle. 

7:00 pm: Night-night kisses are given and a ginormous group hug (on evenings dear hubby is home) takes place before Cupcake begrudging agrees to join elephant in bed.

7:30-11: pm: Now that I am off school for the summer and my hubby is home most evenings, I have the pleasure of enjoying a few glorious hours with the man of my dreams.  We chat about our day and relish this quiet time together.

11:00 pm:  As I have every night since Cupcake was born, I peak in on her before drifting off to dreamland myself.  My heart is still full of gratitude each and every time I see that little face.  I cover her up with a small crochet blanket although I knew she will immediately push it off.

One thing I have learned in the past two years is that parenthood is exhausting, time-consuming, frustrating… and ultimately the most amazing blessing I could possibly imagine!

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