Friday, August 15, 2014

20 Reasons My Toddler Cried This Week

1. She wants to go upstairs...NOW!  We have no upstairs.

2. She wants another vitamin.

3. She wants all her clothes off during a 3am trip to the potty.

4. She wants square crackers for her afternoon snack, but we only have round crackers.

5. She wants her shoes back on immediately after taking them off and throwing them under the car seat while I am driving down the highway.

6. She wants to kill a spider with the broom but can't find a spider.

7. She wants me to write her name for the twelfth time in a row.

8.  She wants more Cheerios... I just gave her Ziploc bag full of Cheerios which she poured behind the couch when she thought I wasn't looking.

9. She wants to pet an alligator.

10. She wants to carry Mommy.

11. She thinks it's "not nice" that I won't let her touch my eyes.

12. She doesn't want her toenails clipped.

13. She wants me to throw the dinner I just prepared in the trash.

14. She wants to use my toothbrush.

15. She wants to drink shampoo.

16. She wants to climb in the dishwasher full of dirty dishes.

17. She wants coffee.

18. She doesn't want me to hold Daddy's hand.

19. She only wants to wear one sock.

20. She wants to wear Mommy's high heeled shoes to the grocery store.

What makes your toddler cry?



  1. I love this!!! I'm thinking I should keep a hidden journal and write a similar entry each week to share with my little one when he's all grown up and expecting his own little one!!

  2. hahaha I love this & can so relate. This sounds so much like my toddler at the moment. She's crying for very similar reasons. :-D xx


  3. Haha, I want an alligator too! Sort of.. #brillblogposts

  4. Lol! No. 15 and 17 are my faves

  5. Awesome! She wants to carry Mommy! She can't find a spider! Hilarious & amazing! #brilliantblogposts

  6. Brilliant. I think it's a bit unreasonable of you to not have a variety of shaped crackers. C'mon, mama, get your act together ;-)

  7. Haha hilarious :) sounds a lot like my 9 month old! add in because I wont let her have the remote control or eat my phone!

  8. Poor kid! How lifes little stresses can get in the way of their fun ;). #brillblogposts

  9. This is funny. Today my toddler cried because he got felt tip pen on his hands and then cried when I scrubbed it off because he wanted it back on there!

  10. Haha love it. My toddler cried today because I wouldn't get out of the car and help the men fix the road! #brilliantblogposts xx

  11. Ah those are a lot of good reasons - Boo has similar reasons - we had crying today because Boo wanted to brush her teeth --- after she had just finished brushing her teeth!


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