Sunday, September 28, 2014

5 Ways Becoming A Mommy Changed Me

I am less prompt.  
My pre-baby self would have never been late to an event or dinner with friends. Since the arrival of my dearest Miss Cupcake I struggle to arrive on time.  It seems that no matter how early I started getting ready there will inevitably be a disaster at the last moment that will cause a substantical delay.  If something gross (such as a potty training mishap) is going to happen, it will happen the moment I am ready to walk out the door.

I am more cautious when I drive.  
While I was never a manic on the road, there were plenty of times when I was definitely careless.  I have never been in a serious accident, but I am guilty of bumping a car in the parking garage due to texting in my pre-baby days (thankfully, the other driver was super forgiving).  All that has changed now that I see a squishy little face in my rearview mirror. I now wait until there are no cars in sight before pulling out into a street, and my phone is stashed away to avoid temptation of peaking at texts.

I drink coffee.  Ever. Single. Day. 
I literally despised coffee before becoming a mommy.  Obviously, if you are a Skinny Latte Mommy reader you know that has all changed.  Coffee was my lifeline during those sleepless months due to a colicky baby.  And it continues to be my motivation for dragging out of bed at the unthinkable hour which Miss Cupcake firmly believes to be morning.

I attend more playdates than adult events.  
There was a time when spontaneous dinners out and game nights with friends were the norm.  Social events that I attend must now fit neatly into a toddler's nap time and bedtime.  Thus, the majority of the my socializing now comes from playdates.  And I am actually quite content with this arrangement for the time being.

I am less judgmental.
There was a time when I would observe screaming children at the grocery store and wonder to myself why the parent's were allowing such unreasonable behavior.  While Miss Cupcake is generally a well behaved little lady, there have certainly been moments when I have been utterly humiliated by her behavior in public.  I have learned that there are ultimately going to be incidents when every child will behave quite uncivilized no matter how perfect the parent.

These are just a few of the ways in which becoming a mommy has changed me.
How has parenthood changed you?


  1. I agree with these for sure. Especially the coffee. Coffee everyday!

  2. Totally hear you - especially on the coffee thing! But somehow, we still manage to be on time with our two. Probably cause we leave MEGA early!

    1. Coffee is a lifesaver. I try so hard to be on time! Maybe I will get the hang of promptness with my little love soon. You give me hope that it is possible. :)

  3. Beautiful post! Found myself nodding in agreement with all of these points… only, I've always been pretty late and I'm even worse now that I'm a mom! Oops! So happy to have found your blog… really looking forward to catching up on your archives :)


  4. ABSOLUTELY on the judgmental thing--never again will I judge a mom or dad with a screaming child in a store/ restaurant/ movie theatre. Since I became a parent, I've learned that i can operate on WAY less sleep than before!

  5. I never, ever, was a sports fan probably because I was raised in a very feminine household with all girls, and I never played any because I was so terrible at them. However, my son is very physically active and needed to be engaged in a sport or running around. He's tried soccer, baseball, wrestling, football and lacrosse. From his participation, I have become a fan of football and lacrosse (lacrosse is his absolute favorite and now my husband's and mine) -- I love to watch them and cannot believe that the woman who was mad that a Super Bowl interrupted her birthday in her 20s is now understanding and enjoying the many aspects of these two sports in her 40s. Thanks to my kids!

  6. All of the above are true for me except the coffee. Tea is my vice!

  7. Coffee before baby...and even more coffee after baby. ;)

    But really, how have I been changed? I learned a new, amazing kind of love.


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