Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Secret Safe To Tell: Children's Book Review

Photo used with permission from Naomi Hunter
"It happened when I was little, always when we were alone…but, sometimes he did things that worried me and made me feel strange on the inside…I thought games were supposed to be FUN." 

As a graduate student in the mental health field, I was greatly moved by this powerful and much needed (unfortunately) children's book.  This beautifully written and illustrated book is presented in such a sensitive manner that it is appropriate for children of all maturity levels.  As the child becomes older, they will likely receive different messages from this book. However,  children of all ages will learn that secrets that makes them feel upset, scared, or confused are safe to share with a trusted adult.  

The messages in the book are quite implicit rather than explicit which allows them to applicable to anything from bullying to sexual abuse.  This allows for young children to be educated about how they should respond to uncomfortable situations in a non-threatening manner.

The author, Naomi Hunter, states that this book is appropriate for children ages three and up.  Since this book does not come with a discussion guide, I would suggest that parents read through the book and prepare for questions before presenting it to a child.  This can be used as a valuable tool to prepare and protect your child from the unthinkable.

For more information regarding Naomi Hunter and her children's books, follow her on Facebook and visit her website.
Photo used with permission from Naomi Hunter


  1. Love this! It is sad that we have to have these issues in the world. So glad there is a book that will explain it in a delicate and calm manner. It starts early. Keep your kids safe.

  2. Great share, glad there is a book that can help start such a delicate conversation :)

  3. This is a great book for a time like this! Great share!

  4. I ache for little babes (and adults) who have had to go through such atrocities. This seems like an especially important book for all parents to have on hand.

  5. Excellent to see this book being shared far and wide around the world.


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