Sunday, September 14, 2014

Afternoon Run // What I Wore

This afternoon I enjoyed a peaceful run along a local boardwalk.  It was a positively gorgeous day, and the view was fantastic!  As a lover of running (and after a request from a Skinny Latte Mommy reader) I decided to dedicate an entire post to my must-have fitness clothing and accessories.

Keeping my hair under control while I am running has always been a struggle of mine.  My hair insists on frizzing up and sticking to my face when I sweat (yucko).  I have tried oodles of headbands that claim to be intended for running only to have them slide out at the worse possible moment.  However, today I wore a hot pink and zebra non-slip headband that stayed put for my entire run and was super comfy!  This headband came from Bheadbands, a fabulous Etsy store that sells a wide variety of non-slip headbands.  Bheadbands has so many reasonably priced colors and designs. There is simply no reason every runner should not have the perfect headband for their outfit.  You wont regret stocking up on these!
Today I wore a performance shirt by RBX and running capris by The Girls.
I have been running in these Puma shoes for several months and they are perfectly broken in.
I never hit the road without sunglasses!  These aviators by Marc Jacobs are my current favorite.

am obcessed really like everything monogrammed.  This lightweight Monogrammed Aqua Geometric Drawsting Gym Bag from Tiny Tulip is ideal for toting along all my essentials.
 What do I carry in my gym bag?  I am so glad you asked...
 Here is a quick run down of what was in my gym bag today:

 I borrowed Miss Cupcake's sunscreen because it's gentle on the eyes when I sweat.  
Have you ever gotten sunscreen in your eyes?  I have...many times.  Major ouchy!

Hair Brush
I like to give my hair a quick brush when I finish running to avoid the inevitable knots 
and to avoid scaring those who have to see me on my drive home.

Extra Hair Ties
...because my ridiculously thick hair will inevitably snap my hair tie halfway into my run.

My Phone & Earphones
This has recently replaced my iPod which broke during a particularly vigorous run.

Naked Smoothie & Clif Bar
This typically counts as lunch after afternoon runs.

Lip Balm with SPF
Gotta protect those lips too!

I confess... this is actually a micofiber hand towel from the Dollar Tree.  But this cute and oh-so-soft purple chevron towel makes the unattractive act of cleaning my sweaty face a bit more enjoyable.

Elf Makeup Mist & Set
After I clean my face with previously mentioned towel, I spray my face with this lovely product.  It has the exact same main ingredients as the high end makeup brands (such as MAC) for a grand total of $2.  After a long run, I am happy for anything that makes my face look dewy instead of eewy!

What are your must-have running accessories?

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