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Home-Based Income Options for Moms

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Are you a mom looking for innovative new ways to earn money on your own hectic schedule? Four Skinny Latte Mommy readers have kindly shared their thoughts regarding their home-based income experiences.  Regardless of whether you are seeking full-time income or a bit of extra spending money, there is sure to be an option that is right for you!

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1. It Works! 

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, I think deep down all women do. The challenge is finding a business that will allow you to juggle all the things in our lives that we are expected to do. I've known for a long time that Network Marketing was the way to improve my life with the time and money freedom I've been seeking. When I was introduced to It Works, I was skeptical at first and wasn't looking at it as a business, but I found very quickly that it was the "Perfect Storm" as far as a business and could fit perfectly into anyone's busy schedule.

It offers an amazing flagship product nicknamed "That Crazy Wrap Thing" that people really want and can't get anywhere else that works in as little as 45 minutes. So that's what get's people interested and they can try one for just $25 which is extremely affordable.  We also have a full line of skin care, whole food supplements, and greens products that our customers fall in love with.  So you develop loyal customers that order from you each month and these customers become some of your best friends. You don't have to personally deliver their orders since it's shipped directly to them and they have complete control over what they order. Plus our customers get lots of perks like free shipping, wholesale pricing, and free product.  

But the thing that really makes this an incredible business for women is how it really does work. The excitement is contagious. I share my results with everyone I meet, they want to try it and they get excited when they see their results. They can't stop talking about it and they tell their friends. So I get an ever growing stream of customers and distributors. I've found that about 1 in 8 want to start the business themselves. I show them the 3 simple steps to being profitable quickly and unlocking the entire compensation plan and help them achieve their goals.

Let me show how this can help you either as a customer or a distributor.


2. Thirty-One

I began my journey with Thirty-One 6 months ago and I can honestly say that this company takes care of us and we all have a "sisterly" bond with other consultants. Thirty-One has everything from totes, lunch boxes, cosmetic bags, zipper pouches, and more! I make my own hours. I have online, catalog, and home parties where I get to form friendships and relationships with all kinds of people. With Thirty-One, I not only get a little "Mommy" time but I also get to make extra money & earn free amenities! 

To join my team with Thirty-One it is $99 for the kit! A "party" is considered $200 and you earn 25% in commission off of all sales! Not only does Thirty-One allow you to have a flexible schedule but it also allows you to meet new people, show them awesome products, which you will see them all fall in love with the company and it's amazing products! Interested in what it has to offer and want to have a party or join my team? It's simple! I look forward to answering any questions and I can't wait for you to hop on the path with me for an amazing journey & future!!

For more information:

3. Arbonne

Being Beautiful, inside and out!

Arbonne is a 33 yr old company.  The products are all botanical formulated in Switzerland and made in the USA.  All of our products are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.  They are Vegan approved and eco-friendly.  They contain NO animal products or bi-products, petroleum based ingredients, PABA, parabens, chemical dyes or fragrances. Arbonne products are gluten free and contain no GMOs! None of our products are tested on animals.

Arbonne is sold through network marketing. You are your own boss! You determine your income based on how much time you can put into the business. I am recruiting and coaching new business owners! This is not a pyramid with one person on the top making a lot of money and everyone else struggling. Arbonne has dozens of people earning $6000-$8000 per MONTH! We all help each other grow our businesses.

Arbonne representatives sell anti-aging products and health products.  It is expected to be the next trillion dollar industry due to the countless baby boomers. Whether your skin is sensitive, oily, or dry we have something for you.  We offer acne treatment, baby products, skin detox products, hair care and cosmetics!  Arbonne offers health care products as well- healthy protein shakes, botanically based products to curve your cravings, and a lot more! With Arbonne you can detox your body and never add harmful chemicals to your skin!  You can be beautiful inside and out with Arbonne!
I'd love to teach you how to be independent.  You can save for something special with the extra money.  You can be a stay at home mom and work part time. You can work full time. You decide what works, because you are the boss.  The cost is low to become a business partner with Arbonne.  As a consultant, you get a generous discount on product. Most of your orders are web-based. You never carry inventory. Product is delivered to your customers door.   I will support and guide you through out the process!

Contact Claudia for more information.

Claudia DeBruyn
Cell/text 781-799-7570
4. Paid Viewpoint

I've been a member of Paid Viewpoint for about year and I enjoy doing their mini surveys for cash.  I like taking the surveys because they are short, they're fun to do, you never get screened out, and you only have to earn $15 in order to request a payout of your earnings via PayPal.  I have cashed out my winnings several times and have never had a problem receiving my money.  In fact, I have always received payment within a day.

I used to get an invite every day or so to take a survey but for some reason I've haven't been receiving any e-mails.  However, if I check my dashboard at least every other day there is always a survey waiting for me to take.

You are not going to make a lot of money with this survey panel because most surveys pay approximately 10 cents, but over time the pennies do add up.  After you have been a member of Paid Viewpoint for a while some of the surveys are worth a bit more.

You can sign up here to join Paid Viewpoint.  If you enjoy taking their surveys, you can also join their sister site Instant Cash Sweepstakes which offers several mini surveys every 2 hours.

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  1. Thank you again for featuring my post on Paid Viewpoint. It's one of the many ways I make money online while working from home.

  2. Thank you Skinny Latte Mommy! I've been on Arbonne's 30 day body cleanse! I've lost 15 lbs this month and I feel fantastic! ~ Claudia~ FloridaArbonne

  3. have you heard of Swagbucks and Bubblews? great way to earn a little extra in giftcards and/or cash


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