Thursday, October 2, 2014

5 "Annoying" Ways Toddlers Say "I Love You"

Offering you half eaten snacks.  
Have you ever had a sticky lollipop or a soggy cracker stuck in your mouth at an unexpected moment?  You are not alone.  As a mommy of a toddler, this is a regular occurrence in my house.  While this may be frustrating, it is actually a very loving act in your little loves mind.  Snacks are a very precious thing when you're two.  When toddlers offer (or force upon you) their half eaten snack, they are attempting to give their very best to the one they love.

Refusing to play alone.   
As a full-time mommy and a full-time graduate student, I am often tempted to be annoyed by Miss Cupcake's constant cry of "Let's play, Mommy!"  I regularly have to remind myself to take a deep breath and enjoy these moments.  She adores me and wants to spend time with me.  Household chores and class assignments can wait, but Miss Cupcake's request for "Mommy time" wont last forever.

Clinging to you or hiding behind you in public.  
The world can be a scary place when you're three feet tall.  Parents are the ultimate protectors in the mind of a child (who has a healthy relationship with his/her parents).  When your little love is crying to be held while you are attempting to pay for groceries they may simply be expressing their need for the security they feel when they are close to you.

Copying your behaviors.  
I regularly catch Miss Cupcake imitating me.  Sometimes I am not even aware of my actions until I see her replaying them.  The classic saying "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" rings true for toddlers.  They copy your behaviors because they love you and want to be like you any way they can.  Knowing this causes me to ask myself, "Are my behaviors worth imitating?" 

Talking to you... a lot.  
Miss Cupcake was an early talker.  She continues to be a little chatter box.  There are moments when I would love a bit of quiet time.  However, I am thrilled that she is so eager to share her experiences with me.  This is yet another way that toddlers demonstrate that they have a  desire to connect and interact with you.

Enjoy these "annoying" moments! J


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  1. Oh my gosh. I can't eat soggy, sucked-on pretzels. But he thinks he is giving me a gift. So I smile. Awesome post!

  2. Yep. All of them. TRUE.

    I'm looking for fellow mommy bloggers to connect. My blog is

  3. Yup! Applies to my grand baby too! I eat those slobbery Cheerios w/ a huge smile on my face, and a hearty "Yummm!"


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