Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sprout Kids Furniture // Miss Cupcake's Shoe Rack

Miss Cupcake is truly a shoe lover- where could she have possibly gotten that from?  On a daily basis, she admires her collection and tries on various shoes.  Keeping them organized has been a challenge due to the fact that she firmly believes she needs to have free access to her shoes at all times.  I recently decided to try the Sprout Kids Shoe Rack ($150). To say the least, Miss Cupcake was thrilled when this arrived. 
She immediately placed each pair of shoes on the rack with great care.

This shoe rack is all you need to keep your kids’ shoes in order.  Put it right by the door and your kids can easily slip their shoes on and off as they are coming in and out. The spaces in this kids shoe rack are designed to fit any kind of shoe. You can choose between standard spaced or progressively spaced with large spaces on the bottom for boots and small spaces on the top for sandals. You can even use this kids shoe rack for your own shoes (I would love one of these to organize the shoes in my closet).

One of my favorite features of this shoe rack is that it requires no tools, no hardware, and is simple to assemble. Patent pending Tension Lock Technology uses the natural properties of wood to create a sturdy durable joint that can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly.

I could not be happier with the Sprout Kids Shoe Rack, and it is most definitely Miss Cupcake approved! 
This convenient shoe rack is available in five kid-friendly colors.

Sprout Kids carries a wide variety of high quality children's furniture and storage options.  

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