Monday, March 23, 2015

Nursery to Big Girl Room Decor

“I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. 
Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses.” 
― Frances Hodgson BurnettA Little Princess
Miss Cupcake and I have had oodles of fun transforming her nursery into a big girl room.
For a not-quite-three year old, she had a great deal of input into the decor selection.
We had a truly lovely time working together on this project and are excited to share our DIYs and product finds!

This dressers was an upcycle project.
We took a very ugly dresser, painted it white and added Vktech 40mm Crystal Glass Drawers Handles

The LOVE sign is another DIY from items we snatched at Michael's.
The tulle puff (which are also hanging in the corner of her room) were made using the same method as the 

This whimsical Piper Ballerina Jewelry Box from Mele & Co. is a favorite of Miss Cupcake.
She loves watching the twirling dancer and carefully arranging her jewelry.
So many gorgeous designs are available... I need one of the adult jewelry boxes for myself!

 This 3 pc Silver Chrome Girls Vanity Set  added an extra girly touch to her dresser.
Miss Cupcake loves to "fix" her hair with the feather soft brush and peek at her reflection in the mirror.

After a diligent search, I found this handmade table top dress form on Ebay.

 The hair bow holder and toy shelf were one of the few things that we kept from the nursery.

 Our goal was to keep things as frilly and princessy as possible!
 We found a lovely lavender and white floral quilt that we were both happy with.

 Since Miss Cupcake's room has hardwood floors, I added this scalloped rug from Target to give her a cozy surface to play.  This area rug really pulled the entire room together.

 These white ruffled curtains from Target brightened up her room immediately.

 These Pierre Cut Crystal  from Urbanest curtain rods added a little bit of sparkle!

 Miss Cupcake enjoys reading books on her lavender rocking bench.
This adorable plush doll is from GirlzNDollz and the personalized blanket is from Veeshee 
(if this blanket looks familiar, it's because it was recently featured in a giveaway!)

 We adore personalized items!
This adorable banner from PaperEtcStudio, an Etsy store that sells custom banners in your choice of colors and embossing patterns for all occasions.  This was perfect for the wall above the bed.

 We used a large basked from Home Goods to store stuffed animals and toys.

 My favorite corner of the room is this tiny little dressing area.
I found this child sized coat rack at a children's consignment shop.
It was originally multicolored, but we painted it white to match the decor.

 I grabbed an inexpensive mirror from Target and lined it with a crocheted ribbon.
For a final touch, I added a bunch of lavender flowers to the corner.

 Miss Cupcake and I enjoyed every moment of this room transformation!
A few final touches still need to be added.
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  1. Beautifully done! When can i get my room done? xoxo

  2. this turned out beautiful! a job well done! and it seems to have affordable things in it instead of some magazine make overs that are so expensive!


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