Sunday, March 1, 2015

Christine By Van Thomas Concepts

Showers just got a lot more luxurious thanks to Christine by Van Thomas Concepts!
If you want to feel pampered, this is most certainly the product line for you.
 I cannot get enough of this box set which includes the Christine line of Shampoo, Reconstructive Conditioner, Body Wash and Protective Glaze —everything to get started in the morning except that first cup of coffee. 
It’s perfect for the girl on the go—meaning you.
 Four bottles, 12 oz. each.

The Christine Body Wash was a positively rejuvenating experience.  It replenishes with essential proteins and moisturizing the skin with jojoba oil. The Christine Body Wash also uses micro-lather technology to provide a rich luxurious lather made up of extremely tiny bubbles. It’s gentle enough for your face.

Moisturizing. Smoothing. Nourishing.
The Christine Shampoo and Reconstructive Conditioner made my typically less than cooperative hair incredibly soft and manageable.  These basics exceeded my expectations by a mile.

The Christine Protective Glaze is basically love in a bottle!
While I adored all of the Christine products, this was my personal favorite.
Benefits of this product include thermal protection, brilliant shine, frizz reduction, and body.
This transformed my fuzzy curls into touchable silk.
I love that it protects my delicate hair when straightening it as well.

Quite simply, these products make it entirely possible to have a fabulous hair day everyday!

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  1. Christie's sound like a great brand. I've never heard of them before now though. I might have to check them out and see how they fare with AA type of hair.

    1. Highly recommend this line. And it leaves my hair smelling AMAZING. I have tried oodles of products, and this one is most definitely a keeper!


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