Wednesday, April 8, 2015

5 Things Every Mom Of A Toddler Needs

Life with a toddler can be tough.
These items can make life a bit easier.

My nifty little Butt Bench has been a lifesaver. This great for shaving and proves a bit of extra storage space for products. More importantly, my Butt Bench makes bathing and combing out Miss Cupcake's abundant curls a much more enjoyable and comfortable task. This is truly a must-have for mommy's of squirmy toddlers who require assistance in the bathtub.  These are available in several colors and sizes to best suit your bathroom.

AquaShield is a spray that treats surfaces and guards them against contamination from dirt and dust.  
If the surface does get dirty, it can be easily cleaned by rinsing it with water or a mild cleanser.
I use AquaShield on everything from area rugs to Miss Cupcake's canvas TOMS.
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OK to Wake is a color chaining night-light timer that teaches toddlers to stay in bed longer in the morning.  Parents can set the time and brightness.  The toddler learns that they should stay in bed until the green light comes on.  Although an alarm options is available, the light works best for toddlers (because you likely won't want to wake them if they happen to still be asleep at "ok to wake" time).  Separate "nap timer" allows for afternoon napping without disrupting usual alarm and night-light settings.

Dreambaby Safety Kit is a necessity when it comes to to keeping little ones safe (and keeping the pots and pans in the cupboards).  This kit includes 35 pieces that are easy to install and require no tools.  Contains 1 appliance latch, 1 angle lock, 1 secure a lock, 1 fish door stopper, 4 corner protectors, 1 adhesive double lock, 24 outlet plug covers, and 1 mini multi-purplose latch.

The Potty Caddy contains everything needed to say good-bye to diapers forever, including a 32-page full-color gender neutral book, four toddler size "magazines" for bathroom reading, 100 toilet targets, reward stickers, a potty chart, a helpful brochure for parents (written by a pediatrician, and a child's very own roll of toilet paper on a refillable holder.  With its happy illustrations of a proud and curios toddler, the Potty Caddy Book answers the question little ones actually think about: Why does the toilet make such a loud noise when it flushes? Will I fall in?  Why do I need to stop using diapers?  And Miss Cupcake's personal favorite...  Where does everything go? 

Contains bathroom humor.

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