Thursday, April 30, 2015

National Sleep Month

Photo Credit: Lauren Hammond

If you read my recent post regarding How Sleep Makes You Beautiful, you know just how important it is to get enough shut-eye!  May is National Sleep Month and to celebrate, intelliBED is offering anyone buys a bed this month a 10% discount (with coupon code SKINNYLATTEMOMMY) and a FREE Sleep Genius Speaker Set ($295 Value).

Sleep Genius is a sound-based sleep aid used nightly to gently train your brain into natural healthy sleep rhythms.  Your ears hear soothing music, but your brain hears scientifically developed neurosensory sounds helping you get to sleep faster, sleep deeper and stay asleep longer, so you awake feeling refreshed.  

With over 1 million customers, Sleep Genius is the most scientifically advanced sleep program in the world, and was developed following their research helping NASA get astronauts to sleep in space.

The research and technology used in Sleep Genius was recently celebrated in the 2015 edition of NASA’s prestigious annual publication, Spinoff. 
Click Here to watch the 90 second over view of Sleep Genius.

MAY 1 – 31ST 2015

When you buy an intelliBED ANY SIZE (not including toppers) you will receive:

1 free Sleep Genius Kit - $295 value 

The Sleep Genius Kit contains:
High-Fidelity Sleep Genius audio programs onto an iPod Shuffle
Portable high quality  stereo speaker
AC Charger
Connection Cable
User Guide


Sweet Dreams!

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