Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY Calm Down Jar

Miss Cupcake is what I affectionately refers to as a "spirited" child.  There are moments when her energy level is off the charts, and she just needs a moment to regain her composure.  However, getting a three year old to sit down long enough to take a few deep breaths is no easy task.  This DIY Calm Down Jar is the perfect tool to get Miss Cupcake to relax for a moment... and actually enjoy it! The idea of a Calm Down Jar is in no way original to this post.  There are oodles of great ideas floating around Pinterest.  This is merely the version that we came up with.

Time Out

You will need...
Glitter glue
Warm water
Jar with a tight lid
Treasures of your choice

What do to...
Fill 3/4 of the jar with warm water.
Add the glitter glue.
Shake water and glue mixture until the glue begins to melt.
Add the glitter and treasures.

We used sparkly beads for our "treasures", but the sky is truly the limit!  
These treasures can include anything from LEGO people to coins.  
The only rule is to make sure the objects do not float... you want these to sink.

Whenever Miss Cupcake needs to calm down, she gives the jar a good shake.  This is a fantastic way to vent frustration or just get out a bit of extra energy.  She is completely mesmerized by the sparkles and will sit staring intently at the jar until all the glitter drifts to the bottom.

TIP:  You can control the length of time that it takes for the glitter to reach the bottom.  Adding more glue will cause the glitter to take longer to settle.  Keep your child's age and attention span in mind when choosing a time frame.

Calm Down Time Out

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