Thursday, October 22, 2015

Grace & Stella® Foot Peel Mask

After spending the entire summer in sandals or flip-flops, my feet had developed calluses and rough skin.  Pedicures have not been sufficient in providing me with the baby soft feet that I want.  I decided to give the Grace & Stella® Foot Peel Mask a try.  Oh my goodness... this product was life changing.  I wore the provided booties for an hours.  After approximately five days the dry skin began painlessly peeling off my skin.   I had rather high expectations for this mask, and it truly surpassed them.  

Here is an example of the progression that will take place after using the mask.  FYI- these are NOT my feet.  However, I have included an actually picture of my peeling foot at the end. 

before and after

  • HOME SPA EXPERIENCE: Special foot mask designed with skin smoothing and moisturising ingredients to get rid of coarse, dull and dead skin & give you smooth feet. ANTI-AGING effects reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and remove bacteria on your feet & between toes.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY Vegetable & Leaf Extracts: 17 types of natural Asian (Japanese & Korean) vegetable extracts help RELIEVE FATIGUE, REMOVE FEET ODOR and give energy to your feet. No more need for cream, gel, lotion, electric file shaver, or as seen on tv amope micro pedi.
  • PERFECT GIFT Idea: This product is a very popular gift item. Chances are your friends or family have never had an experience like this, so make sure to get one for them and watch them be amazed by the results.
  • SPECIAL FAMILY OFFER: Get 1 Free Mask. Select "Qty" 3 or more, click "Add To Cart" and use Code "FREE3332" and get 1 Mask for Free. It's a lot more fun when all of you go through this amazing process!


Here is an actual photo of my foot several days after using the Grace & Stella® Foot Peel Mask.  The first mask removed 90% of my calluses.  I had one thick callus that required an additional mask to be completely removed.  My feet have never felt so smooth!  I plan to use the Grace & Stella® Foot Peel Mask once a month to maintain the results.


*Photos other than the last original photo in this post belong to Grace & Stellae®.  Affiliate links may be included.


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