Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Silly McGilly // St. Patrick's Day Fun For Your Wee Lil' One

"I'll work my shenanigans while you are snug asleep, don't worry that I'll wake you, I will not make a peep.  When you wake up, find the trick that I've done.  I hope your whole family will join in the fun."
-Excerpt from Silly McGilly's Book

Miss Cupcake is a wee bit Irish!
And we both love a good ol' holiday.
The Silly McGilly book and doll set arrived just in time to create a new St. Patrick's Day tradition.
This set is great fun for families with small children and teachers.

Silly McGilly is a friendly Leprechaun who enjoys playing fun little tricks on children throughout the St. Patrick’s Day season. ​Read his story, then place his doll by a window each evening that you would like Silly to come and play a trick in your home or classroom.   

The next morning children will delight in seeing what shenanigans Silly McGilly has been up to while they slept.  Maybe he’s left some treats behind: it could be chocolate coins, shamrocks or a St. Patrick’s day sticker.  Or, maybe he’s been up to a little mischief, turning over chairs or leaving the kitchen cabinets open.   

The magic of Silly McGilly is as limitless as your imagination. 
YOU hold the power to decide what sorts of fun Silly will have in your home or classroom, and how often Silly will visit: 
Every day in March, once a week, or just the day before St. Patrick’s Day.

Whether you’re Irish or not, wonderful memories are waiting for you with this new St. Patrick's Day tradition!

Check out all the fun available on the Silly McGilly website.

Create your own story about Silly McGilly and his adventures with a twist on the classic word game.  
Fill out the blanks and be creative!  
This is geared for grades 2 and up.

  This downloadable template includes instructions for three rhyming games: the Shamrock Read-Along, Shamrock Shuffle and Shamrock Match.  ​Also included are shamrock cut-outs.  
This is geared toward children K-2nd grade.

 This is a downloadable template to write letters to Silly McGilly. 
Teacher instructions are provided.  
This is geared to children K-2nd grade.

This is a downloadable template to keep a scrapbook record of all of Silly McGilly's tricks.  
Tricks can be illustrated or written out, depending on age/ability.   
This is appropriate for pre-k-2nd grade.

Lots of fun trick ideas for parents and teachers are available.

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