Nantucket Tall Planter

Miss Cupcake had a fantastic evening planting a fern in our new Nantucket Tall Planter.  This gorgeous planter is available in white, black, and clay.  We chose the bright white to match our other yard/garden decor.  The Nantucket Tall Planter creates an elegant finishing touch to any patio or entrance way. This versatile container has three planting options. Remove the tray and you can plant directly into the planter, leave the tray in and plant directly onto the tray and take advantage of the sub-irrigation system or self-watering effect, you can flip the tray over and place a pre-potted planter on top. Constructed from 100% polyethylene which delivers an amazingly realistic, incredibly strong and remarkably lightweight planter. The weather-proof and ultra-tough construction allows you to enjoy your planter all year long with very little winter preparation. The UV inhibitors within the resin allows for a long lasting fade-free performance. This planter enhances the presentation of your plants without competing with them, perfect for multiple plants and larger arrangements. In addition, Mayne planters are designed to retain the right amount of moisture in the soil and protect delicate roots from daily temperature extremes. This results in healthier plants that require less frequent watering.

We began by adding Miracle Grow Garden Soil into the Nantucket Tall Planter.  This planter has approximately 10 gallon soil capacity.  We didn't need that much soil since we decided to leave the tray in and plant directly onto the tray and take advantage of the sub-irrigation system or self-watering effect.

    This Nantucket Tall Planter will certainly be enjoyed for years to come! It includes a 15-year limited warranty

    I love the classic beauty of the Nantucket Tall Planter, and I truly enjoyed sharing this experience with Miss Cupcake.  She has been learning about gardening at preschool and was thrilled to get the chance to  do a bit of planting.  I will always treasure these little memories that we are creating together!

    The Nantucket Tall Planter would look lovely in any outdoor sitting area or entryway.  

    Our fern is positively gorgeous, and Miss Cupcake is taking her responsibility of keeping it watered very seriously.  She checks the soil daily to make sure that it's moist.  I love watching her sweet little eyes light up with pride as she tends the fern.

    The Preppy Pepper || What Miss Cupcake Wore

    "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." - Coco Chanel

    I can hardly believe that my sweet little Miss Cupcake will begin pre-k in the autumn.  
    Of course, we've been updating her wardrobe for the occasion.

    This back-to-school outfit is the absolute cutest thing ever! If you want your little girl to be dressed for success, this set from The Preppy Pepper is sure to please. Turquoise Ruffle shirt is accented with an apple sprouting a bow for leaves and the initials of your little cutie. The striped ruffle pants are soft cotton and can be worn with many other outfits all the way through the school year.  We love this monogrammed outfit.

    All appliques' have adhesive backing and are pressed with a high pressure heat machine after design is complete, to ensure proper adhesion of design for long time use. And as always... monogram is FREE!

    The Preppy Pepper is proud to maintain a turnaround time of 3-4 days after order is placed.

    The Preppy Pepper is a small home-based business that is committed to providing high quality, personalized clothing at affordable prices.  Whether your searching for an adorable summer t-shirt or a boutique back-to-school outfit, this Etsy shop has something for your little one!

    Outdoor Summer Style

    There's nothing more relaxing than sitting outside, enjoying a cup of coffee, and watching my sweet Miss Cupcake play.  I am in the process of sprucing up my outdoor sitting area for the summer.  The moment I spotted this bright white oversized Adirondack Chair from Leigh Country I knew it would be a perfect addition.  The oversized armrests make this chair comfortable and practical for an afternoon of relaxation.

    The Adirondack Chair from Leigh Country also comes in four gorgeous colors: hunter green, red, white and charred.  Due to my current obsession with light and airy decor, I obviously chose the gorgeous bright white to add to my outdoor living area.

    Miss Cupcake was beyond excited with the opportunity to assist in the planting of a fern in our new Mayne Nantucker Tall Planter.  This lovely white planter truly gives my outdoor living area a classy touch!  I love that the planter is designed with a double wall construction which creates a water reservoir.  This helps retain the right amount of moisture in the soil and protect delicate roots from daily temperature extremes.  This results in healthier plants that require less frequent watering.

    The Mayne Nantucker Tall Planter coordinates perfectly with my Adirondack Chair from Leigh Country!  Later this week I'll be sharing how much fun Miss Cupcake and I had planting our fern.

    I added a couple of outdoor throw pillows to my Adirondack Chair to give it a personal touch.  
    I am looking forward to enjoying this quality chair for the season to come!

    Amazon Home Decor Favorites

    Is there anything more relaxing than snuggling up in fresh and cozy sheets?
    Transforming my home into a light and airy abode for the summer always involves new white sheets.  Mellanni Bed Sheet Set are high quality and oh-so-comfortable!  I love that they are wrinkle, fade, and stain resistant.  They are also hypoallergenic.

    Lovely smells make a home seem so much more inviting.
    This Mimosa and Champagne Apple soy wax blend candle set made my kitchen small positively amazing.

    I've always been a fan of hanging season wreaths on my front door.
    In the spring, I love to add floral wreaths inside the house as well.
    This stunning rose wreath makes any wall a bit more light and airy.

    I confess to a recent obsession with lantern, birdcages, and any other unique ways of displaying candles around my home.  This white scrollwork candleholder lantern is an ideal way to add a bit of a tiny classy touch to coffee tables or entryway tables.

    Photos used in this post do not belong to Skinny Latte Mommy.  
    They are used for demonstration purposes and with permission as an Amazon affiliate.  
    Affiliate links may be included.

    Crosley Kitchen Cart || Coffee Bar

    "This home runs on love and coffee!"

    I've been eying coffee bars on Pinterest for months.
    Since I've been transitioning my home into light and airy colors for the summer, I decided that this was the perfect time to create my own.  When I spotted this adorable white Crosley Kitchen Cart on Amazon, I knew I'd found just what I needed to get started on this project.

    Moving my iCoffee Brewer to this wooden cart freed up some much needed space on my counters. The granite top on this kitchen cart is simple gorgeous (and incredibly heavy)!  Thankfully, the wheels on the bottom make is simple to move when I clean or rearrange.

    I hung a DIY wreath above the cart.

    Obviously, this project is still a work in progress.
    I found these cute little glass jars with burlap labels and porcelain stand at Target.
    I intend to fill the jars with small packs of sugar and creamer.

    Miss Cupcake and I made a quick stop at Home Goods and snatched up this handy basket tray off the clearance rack.  It's perfect for keeping things a bit more organized.

    This Crosley Kitchen Cart has oodles of storage space!
    I placed a few of my favorite mugs in the top drawer for easy access.
    Once I organize the bottom cabinet, I'll post more photos on Instagram.

    Mmmm... I can hardly wait to enjoy a cup of coffee from my "mug-stash" (as Miss Cupcake affectionately calls my favorite mug).  I adore how quickly I can have coffee in hand with my iCoffee Brewer.

    MeasuPro Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

    My dear hubby has a history of high blood pressure that requires regular monitoring.
    We love the convenience of checking blood pressure and pulse rate with this MeasurPro wrist monitor.

    About the Product

    • Automatic easy-to-use digital blood pressure monitor with one-step measuring technique. Measures blood pressure along with pulse rate. Have a keen understanding of your blood pressure. View the video under the additional photos for complete features
    • Color coded backlit LCD screen displays hypertension levels with clarity, plus everyone loves colors! Classify your pressure with visual ease
    • Designed for 2 users with individual easy-access buttons. This wrist blood pressure monitor stores 60 records per user and access your records at any time to track your progress.

    This MeasurPro wrist blood pressure monitor is currently available on Amazon.