Friday, May 13, 2016

Nantucket Tall Planter

Miss Cupcake had a fantastic evening planting a fern in our new Nantucket Tall Planter.  This gorgeous planter is available in white, black, and clay.  We chose the bright white to match our other yard/garden decor.  The Nantucket Tall Planter creates an elegant finishing touch to any patio or entrance way. This versatile container has three planting options. Remove the tray and you can plant directly into the planter, leave the tray in and plant directly onto the tray and take advantage of the sub-irrigation system or self-watering effect, you can flip the tray over and place a pre-potted planter on top. Constructed from 100% polyethylene which delivers an amazingly realistic, incredibly strong and remarkably lightweight planter. The weather-proof and ultra-tough construction allows you to enjoy your planter all year long with very little winter preparation. The UV inhibitors within the resin allows for a long lasting fade-free performance. This planter enhances the presentation of your plants without competing with them, perfect for multiple plants and larger arrangements. In addition, Mayne planters are designed to retain the right amount of moisture in the soil and protect delicate roots from daily temperature extremes. This results in healthier plants that require less frequent watering.

We began by adding Miracle Grow Garden Soil into the Nantucket Tall Planter.  This planter has approximately 10 gallon soil capacity.  We didn't need that much soil since we decided to leave the tray in and plant directly onto the tray and take advantage of the sub-irrigation system or self-watering effect.

    This Nantucket Tall Planter will certainly be enjoyed for years to come! It includes a 15-year limited warranty

    I love the classic beauty of the Nantucket Tall Planter, and I truly enjoyed sharing this experience with Miss Cupcake.  She has been learning about gardening at preschool and was thrilled to get the chance to  do a bit of planting.  I will always treasure these little memories that we are creating together!

    The Nantucket Tall Planter would look lovely in any outdoor sitting area or entryway.  

    Our fern is positively gorgeous, and Miss Cupcake is taking her responsibility of keeping it watered very seriously.  She checks the soil daily to make sure that it's moist.  I love watching her sweet little eyes light up with pride as she tends the fern.

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