Sometimes home is not a place, but a person.

These romantic "Mr & Mrs" wall letters from ZCreateDesign were the perfect addition to our bedroom.  The fit perfectly with minimalist coastal decor.  We hung these gorgeous letters over our bed, but they are versatile enough to look fabulous anywhere!  These are so classic and make give our room a cozy and personalized feel.  Everyone that has seen these on my wall has commented on them!  They are the perfect finishing touch.  I will be keeping these in mind as a gift for future newlyweds.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy these letters where to hang.  Dear hubby and I had them up on the wall in a matter of minutes.  These letters are cut in 1/4" thick material which provides dimension on the wall unlike decals.  Since these are available in king or queen size to ensure a perfect fit above any bed.  These are available in so many colors!

I am basically obsessed with everything in available from ZCreateDesign.  If you are planning a wedding or just wanted extra special decor for you home they are truly your one-stop shop.  They have DIY options for almost everything in their store!

Photo Credit: NNelumba


"My child's laughter is my favorite sound!  
The sound of her deep breathing when I know she's asleep is a close second!"

My spunky little Miss Cupcake struggles to stay asleep at night.  Her curiously gets the best of her, and she pops out of bed each and every time she hears a sound.  We love her to pieces, but it can be exhausting.  We decided to give the LectroFan Fan Sound & White Noise Machine a try.  When it arrived in mail, Miss Cupcake was eager to test it out.  In fact, she immediately climbed into bed and announced that she was ready to take a nap.  To my delight, she napped for a solid four hours without a peep!  Since then,  she affectionately refers to it as her "sleep machine" and asks for it each time she goes to bed.  

The LectroFan Fan Sound & White Noise Machine has ten distinct fan sounds and ten non-repeating white noise sounds.  It is so incredibly relaxing and blocks out the distracting noises that may keep Miss Cupcake awake.  The sleep timer allows me to decide how long the sounds play- I can set it for a few hours for a nap or let it play all night long.  

I was pleasantly surprised by the compact size of this machine, and I love that it comes with a convenient case that we can use when traveling.  This will certainly be going on vacation with us this summer!  I have been so impressed with this machine that I would love one for my room as well.  The white sound is so incredibly soothing.  I tried to borrow Miss Cupcake's machine for a night, but she is quite protective of her LectroFan.  Perhaps if I get her the LectroFan Jr, which includes lullabies,  she will be willing to share this one with me.

Sweet dreams!

It's ok to say "No, Thank you!" || Boundaries For Children

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." 
  — Frederick Douglass, abolitionist and statesman 

It's ok to say "No, Thank You!"
One in five girls and one in twenty boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday.  More than 90% of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone who the child knows and trusts, such as a teacher, neighbor, or family member.  Yet, children are often taught that it is always disrespectful to say "no" to an adult.  This is clearly problematic and puts children in a particularly vulnerable situation.  Children who believe that it is unacceptable to place boundaries with adults or that they will be punished for saying "no" are at a much greater risk of becoming a victim. Children should understand that if they feel uncomfortable in a situation or do not want physical affection it is fine to say "No, thank you!"  This means that children have the right to politely deny hugs and kisses from an adult.  Rudeness is not acceptable, but turning down physical affection that makes them uneasy or that they are not in the mood for is a healthy boundary.  Last week I was tickling Miss Cupcake.  She said, "Stop!" In a moment of playfulness, I attempted to keep tickling her.  She politely yet firmly stated, "Please respect my 'no, thank you!'"  I held back a chuckle because it sounded funny coming from a stern faced three year old, but I was incredibly proud of her for politely placing a boundary.  No one is ever obligated to let another person hug, kiss, or touch them in any way that makes them feel uncomfortable.  This may mean that I occasionally get denied a hug from Miss Cupcake. And that's perfectly ok with me.

Secrets aren't safe!
Secrets are a risky business when it comes to children.  An article called "Why we Don't Keep Secrets In our House" describes the benefits of adopting a no-secret rule in households with children.  The article states, "We don't keep secrets in our house, we do surprises."  The difference can be explained to young children by stating that a surprise is something you will temporarily keep quite, while a secret is one you keep forever.  While playful secrets may seem innocent, children should never be asked to keep a secret.  If the issue must be kept a secret, a child should not be involved. Abusers actively seek out children who they believe they will be able to manipulate into keeping "their secret" from others.  Children who have been expected to keep secrets in the past may not be able to distinguish when it is appropriate to tell.  Teaching young children that they can always confide in a trusted adult if something feels uncomfortable and that they are never responsible for keeping a secret is a powerful way to help them self-protect. 

No, he is NOT pulling your hair because he likes you!
How many times has a little girl come crying to a parent or teacher because she has been pushed or taunted by a boy only to be told, "He's only doing that because he likes you!"  This response makes me cringe.  Love is about respect and treating someone with kindness- regardless of their age.  Sadly, many young women and men have inadvertently been taught that to be loved is to excuse mistreatment or domestic violence.  Every nine seconds in the United States, a women is assaulted or beaten.  Nearly twenty people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States.  This means that during one year, more than 10 million women and men are experiencing abuse in their relationships.  Many of these individuals choose to stay with their partner despite the abuse.  Teaching children - boys and girls - that being treated badly is a sign of affection is clearly a bad idea.  Instead, children should be taught to treat others with respect and that mistreatment will not be tolerated. 

Peanut Butter & Banana Quesadillas

Miss Cupcake would eat PB&J sandwiches ever day of the week
However, I have been attempting to mix things up and offer more fruits and veggies.
Sadly, the banana that I was planning to give her for her afternoon snack was a bit overripe.  
I quickly decided to improvise and called my little chef into the kitchen.

We had a few extra wheat tortillas left over from last nights tofu fajitas.
Miss Cupcake helped spread creamy peanut butter over the entire thing.
Next, I thinly sliced the bananas and placed it on half of the tortilla.

 I folded the tortilla in half and placed in it a frying pan.
I left it long enough to brown and turn the peanut butter and banana into gooey deliciousness. 

After it had cooled, I used a pizza slicer to make it the perfect size for Miss Cupcake's little hands.

Yummy!  This quick and easy peanut butter and banana quesadilla is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.  I confess, I made a second one for myself.

Made For Me Shoes || What Miss Cupcake Wore

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"
- Walt Disney

One of the many benefits of living in South Florida is having easy access to Disney World.  When Miss Cupcake first met Minnie Mouse last year she was an immediate fan! Being the little fashionista that she is, she was thrilled when these hand panted shoes arrived from Made For Me Shoes.  These adorable canvas shoes were created especially for Miss Cupcake with her initials and the design of her choice.

These custom shoes paired perfectly with her new striped Minnie Mouse dress and white leggings.  She spent the afternoon twirling around the park pretending that she was performing at Disney World.  I love experiencing the magic of little moments through the wonderstruck eyes of Miss Cupcake.

The details of these hand painted shoes are fantastic!
These will certainly be a favorite in Miss Cupcake's wardrobe.

Made For Me Shoes offers fun hand painted shoes at an affordable price.   
Here are a few other fun designs available on Etsy.  
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Don't see what you want? 
Ask Made For Me Shoes about a custom design just for you.