Monday, June 13, 2016

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"My child's laughter is my favorite sound!  
The sound of her deep breathing when I know she's asleep is a close second!"

My spunky little Miss Cupcake struggles to stay asleep at night.  Her curiously gets the best of her, and she pops out of bed each and every time she hears a sound.  We love her to pieces, but it can be exhausting.  We decided to give the LectroFan Fan Sound & White Noise Machine a try.  When it arrived in mail, Miss Cupcake was eager to test it out.  In fact, she immediately climbed into bed and announced that she was ready to take a nap.  To my delight, she napped for a solid four hours without a peep!  Since then,  she affectionately refers to it as her "sleep machine" and asks for it each time she goes to bed.  

The LectroFan Fan Sound & White Noise Machine has ten distinct fan sounds and ten non-repeating white noise sounds.  It is so incredibly relaxing and blocks out the distracting noises that may keep Miss Cupcake awake.  The sleep timer allows me to decide how long the sounds play- I can set it for a few hours for a nap or let it play all night long.  

I was pleasantly surprised by the compact size of this machine, and I love that it comes with a convenient case that we can use when traveling.  This will certainly be going on vacation with us this summer!  I have been so impressed with this machine that I would love one for my room as well.  The white sound is so incredibly soothing.  I tried to borrow Miss Cupcake's machine for a night, but she is quite protective of her LectroFan.  Perhaps if I get her the LectroFan Jr, which includes lullabies,  she will be willing to share this one with me.

Sweet dreams!

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